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AVB Technology profile

AVB Technology Ltd. has gained experience in the multimedia and control and management systems (C&M) while providing generic and tailored solutions to our customers.  Our clientele varies from High Tech organizations, Telecommunication, Communication (data, voice, C&M), Defense and Industry, Medical establishments,      banks and other financial business authorities, Educational and Academic governance entities, Municipality and Metropolitan Construction, Private properties and more.


AVB Technology Ltd. is offering services for full spectrum of needs while designing the multimedia and C&M solutions. Our goal is to provide the client with a solution adequate to their functional requirements that meet their budget while considering cost effective parameters.  Our experienced technical teams are constantly trained and are familiar with new features and recent products’ releases in order to create the best architecture solution for each of our clients.  Our solutions will incorporate the client’s needs in the short term and long term in order to meet required Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Serviceability and Security needs.













A solution that works for YOU

AVB Technology Ltd. will customize the design of the solution per your specific requirements while maintaining a comprehensive vision of the solution from a professional and economical point of view considering cost effective implementation of the desired solution.  Our engineering teams are familiar with a wide range of products; they know the quality level and innovative features, thereby that makes our technical engineering team qualified to come up with the best solution that meets your needs.


The keys to our success are our competent qualified human resources, our skilled team’s knowledge of a wide range of products and their relentless creativity.  This combination elevates AVB to its’ unique qualification for all inclusive solutions while being flexible to changes and furthermore embedded with breakthrough solutions.


AVB delivers services such as design for complex and simple solutions combined with project management high level end to end integration services and support.  Our solutions vary from constructing high tech smart meeting rooms, video conference rooms, state of the art digital display solutions, video walls, control and management rooms, advanced audio solutions, advanced display solutions, defense implementations, medical simulators applications, Control and Management systems, smart power solutions, electronic signage, public address systems, passive communication infrastructure, System integration, computers communication, IT and more.


AVB also specializes in consultancy services, R&D of new products, design and planning, supply and installation of equipment including maintenance and support services.



AVB keeps up to date with all trends and new technologies in our area of expertise and is a member of the leading companies in the industry – namely “InfoComm International”.  Being a member of the InforComm community means that AVB is thereby committed to high standards in every aspect of its’ business activities.  This membership consequently makes AVB liable to work with high quality products, whether they are self-developed or purchased from other suppliers, usually such suppliers would be considered leaders in their area of expertise. Amongst the known suppliers with whom AVB deals with directly are companies such as:




The integration with these suppliers, make available, for AVB the best bundle of products and solutions therein, one can find within the local marketplace.










Reliable and Available solution

AVB will provide you with service and support throughout the whole process.  AVB’s support services are inseparable from the company’s activities and business approach.  “Nonstop video” is the slogan we use.  That is the reason for AVB’s dedicated service and support centers in Tel Aviv and Netanya.


AVB’s service and support department employs skilled engineers, competent engineering professionals and certified technicians who deliver high quality service with high availability to our customers’ base.  Our support team offers online telephone technical support by experts located at the service headquarters.   In most of the cases the problems are resolved by placing a telephone call to the support center.  The rest of the cases are resolved by our technician attending the site in order to resolve the problem.


AVB offers remote access support by our technical experts.  By using this service method, our skilled technical teams will remotely control and manage the customers’ site while using advanced monitoring tools and maintaining system security needs.  Remote access enables real time management and preventive maintenance, root cause analysis of problems and immediate correction/mitigation of problems once they appear. Remote access will also monitor system’s performance on a regular basis while providing an ongoing improvement to performance.


AVB also offers outsourcing services as part of our customers’ utmost services.  You can benefit the management and operation of your systems by AVB known professional team on your site.  AVB offers outsourcing services to customers for the maintenance of sites and systems therein.  Since the system is usually an integration compound of various products by best worldwide suppliers, our outsourcing service team will take care of maintenance and operations on site, operate preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance as well as maintain system log.  Our outsourcing services will also keep an ongoing process to improve system performance which has proven to be most cost effective since it integrates the total maintenance and operation of the whole system while avoiding the need to juggle amongst the various suppliers in order to resolve one problem.



We believe that the experience, knowledge, quality of service and creativity of AVB will be at your best interest when you choose to put your plans into action.  AVB services are with high standards and high quality professional design and all in all within a budget of your choice and schedule of your needs to launch your system for operational mode.





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